Join the new Treasure Pod referral program that rewards you for helping us create more dream homes at lower costs (we pass on the big marketing savings to you AND your referrals)!

Attractive affiliate fees

90 day tracking cookie

Realtime metrics & dashboard


Earn $10 for every referral (after 1st meeting)

Earn $100* for every renovation contract** signed

* For general affiliates. For partner affiliates (businesses, property agents), after sign up, see the “Direct Referral” section in your dashboard for details.




Visitor clicks your link, submits a quote request form – you earn $10 (after 1st meeting)

Visitor engages Treasure Pod and signs a contract – you earn another $100

 ** Contract value of $5,000 and above; signed within 60 days

Simply login and copy your unique referral link(s) from your Affiliate Dashboard, and share them in your blog posts, emails, websites, Whatsapp (and others), and social media.

You can link to any page on the Treasure Pod website – eg. BTO / Resale Quote Request pages, Renovation Budget Calculator, Contact Us page, Homepage, or even a blog article. Our system will track the visitor and attribute it to you no matter which page he/she navigates to.

Every visitor you send is automatically tracked (for 90 days!), and referrals (ie. submission of ANY form) are instantly reflected in your Affiliate Dashboard.

Your earnings are paid to you every 2 weeks via Paynow.

The minimum amount for each payout is $30. Account balances below the payment threshold will be brought over to the next period.


What is Treasure Pod’s Refer and Earn Program?

It is our new affiliate program that rewards you for simply sending potential renovation customers to our website. You earn affiliate fees when your referral meets us for a free consultation, and also when they sign up for Treasure Pod’s renovation service.


What is a Direct Referral?

Direct Referral is our business partnership program with companies and professionals in vertical industries such as real estate, property management, and home improvement. Please visit the “Direct Referral” section in your Affiliate Dashboard for details.


How do I join your affiliate program?

We manage our affiliate program in house. To join you simply need to apply to the program by registering here.


How do I start referring?

You can do this by sending us visits via your unique affiliate links. You can use any form of linking like text links, social media links, reviews, images and banners (get them from the Creatives section in your Affiliate Dashboard). Each time a visit leads to a meeting / service sign-up, you earn an affiliate fee. Business and industry partners can also submit direct referrals from within the dashboard.


Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate?

No. It’s totally free to join our affiliate program.


Can I promote Treasure Pod on more than one channel?

Yes, absolutely. The more links and content you place and share, the more qualified visitors you’re likely to send us — and this should translate into higher earnings!

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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