General Feng Shui Guide

Interior Design in Singapore – General Feng Shui Guide 

Understanding Feng Shui: Feng Shui is the practice of creating harmonious environment by examining how the position of things and objects influence your home’s energy. It guides the energy and let it flows gently and smoothly through your living environment. By implementing the below Feng Shui’s tips, positive energy can be attracted into your house.

Know your Kua number & lucky direction

  • Positioning of furniture i.e. bed, in accordance to your lucky direction to energize your good energy. Focus on areas where you tend to spend most time.
  • How to calculate your Kua number?
    • Simply add up the last two digits of the year in which you were born
    • Add further to get a single digit number
    • For male, subtract the single digit number from 10 to get your Kua number
    • For female, add 5 to the single digit number to get your Kua number
  • Find your lucky feng shui direction following your Kua number

FS Chart -1


Color is another important factor to consider during house renovation when incorporating Feng Shui into Interior designing. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, choosing your favourable color can nourish and enhance your good feng shui energy.

  • Find your Feng Shui Birth Element (Refer to chart below)

  • Match your Feng Shui Birth Element with Best Colors and Colors to avoid (Refer to chart below)

FS Chart - 3

For e.g. if your birth element is Earth, it’s advisable to choose earthy colors such as light yellow for your carpentry works.

Kitchen is considered “the heart of the home”, it’s closely associated with prosperity and health. However in land scarce Singapore, with more than 80% of the population staying in high rise apartments, it’s almost impossible to construct kitchen at the most favourable location. Despite the limitation, there are some basic feng shui rules that can be followed to enhance the flow of energy or minimise negativities.

  • Do not place stove directly facing sink/wash basin or toilet door. Fire & water are opposites, may lead to conflict among family members. Frequent fights attract negative energy into the house.
  • Stove represents financial resources, make sure it is always well maintained, clean and rust free.
  • Keep kitchen clutter free. Stagnant and bad energy is not good for food. Clean refrigerator and kitchen cabinets regularly.
  • Avoid placing stove under ceiling beam. It will cause bad money luck or work stress to the cook.
  • Bring in earth element to balance the overpowering fire element in the Kitchen. Choose kitchen counter top in earthy tone and light color laminates for the cabinets.

Mirror is an important element in interior designing. It is often use to illuminate dark corners and creating illusion of space. However, there are some points to note on the placement of mirrors.

  • It shouldn’t reflect another mirror.
  • Do not place it in front of your bed or reflecting doors, sharp corners of walls.
  • Best placed in living and dining areas. Mirror will double the yang energy of the dining area, and bring in wealth and abundances.
  • Avoid mirror in the kitchen especially if it reflects the stove (fire), as mirror represent water and it clashes with fire.


*Tips provided serve only as a general guide, for deeper understanding of Feng Shui, please consult professional Feng Shui Master to evaluate based on your personal “Ba Zhi”.

While Feng Shui helps to create harmonious & healthy living environment for you and your family, engaging a trustworthy Interior Designer who can provide adherence support is of equal importance.

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