Incorporate Kitchen Safety In Your Home Renovation Project

Incorporate Kitchen Safety In Your Home Renovation Project


Kitchen safety comes first

The kitchen is the most danger ladened place in the house. The environment poses several safety and health hazards, which comprise of, but are not limited to, moist and slippery floors, hot and sharp objects like broken cabinets or protruding edges of the kitchen counter.

In any kitchen design and construction project, kitchen safety should be the central concern and prioritised over aesthetics. It is important to take suitable measures to guard yourself and your family members.

An experienced kitchen renovation contractor is your best bet

For those seeking kitchen safety experts in Singapore, renovation contractors can be of great help. It could be a complete kitchen remodel that has been on your mind for some time or even a minor repair work in your kitchen. You can get in touch with an experienced renovation contractor for all your kitchen safety requirements.

A lot of people assume that renovation or repair work requires extensive time and money. However, that is just a myth! If you know your exact requirements and have a concrete plan ready, a responsible renovation contractor can work within your budget and deliver the work as per your needs.

Develop a clear list of requirements

Assess your budget and subsequently create your list of requirements. Renovation contractors can offer services and material within all kinds of resources. Focus on things that require immediate attention to make the most out of whatever budget you have. Leave things that are low on priority for later. Keep your focus on getting the best equipment and construction, bearing in mind the all important kitchen safety. This method will not only help your contractor have a clear understanding of your needs, but will also assist you in getting the best results.

Insist on an approved renovation contractor in Singapore

Make a list of certified contractors, once your plan is ready. You can google for big (expensive) names or seek recommendations from your friends or from social media. An important thing to remember- look for renovation firms that have at least a few good years of experience in the renovation business. If possible, make a note of their previous work or gather feedback from homeowners who have hired them before.

Once you’ve shortlisted a handful of renovation contractors, make appointments to meet them in person to discuss your project. The quotation must contain details like total cost of the renovation or construction work, raw-material details and descriptions, the total time required to complete the job and warranty details.

To ensure you’re protected legally, do not hire contractors who are not willing to provide comprehensive paperwork. To avoid regulatory issues down the road, it is necessary that you verify the certifications (eg. on HDB website) and credentials of the renovation company before assigning them the project.

Common kitchen services offered by renovation contractors

Almost all renovation contractors extend a similar set of services when it comes to kitchen safety or other home construction work. They are :

  • Interior repair work
  • Furnishing design, customisation, and selection
  • Alteration and addition work
  • Thorough site analysis before starting the project
  • Project management
  • Space planning

To learn more about incorporating kitchen safety in your upcoming renovation project, contact us for a discussion today!