How To Enjoy Your Home Renovation Process

Roof terrace - teppanyaki

I am willing to bet my last dollar that these days everybody is having a hard time choosing the interior design of their new home? There are just too many options out there it’s difficult to make an easy decision about what works best for you and your family. Love the neighbour’s tastefully decorated bedrooms? Took a fancy to the lovely colour schemes at a friend’s place? And of course those dozens of  breathtaking home décor at exhibitions every couple of weeks.

Even after you have finally settled on a design theme, the next major challenge you might face with when it comes to incorporating your wishes is when you’re dealing with a room that was not constructed in a way your ideas can easily fit in.

Fortunately, here in Singapore plenty of interior designers are on hand to offer their brilliant advice and experience. If you’re currently looking for a interior designer or renovation contractor, there are many established firms armed with design ideas encompassing a dizzying range of interior themes.

Just like it’s hard to settle on your home’s design, it’s just as hard settling on a renovation firm!

Before you start your hunt for the best contractor all over Singapore, it’s vital for you to first have a clear idea to some key questions. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider :

The shortlisting and decision timeframe

Look at your calendars and work out a comfortable timeframe for hunting down your ideal contractor all over Singapore. Make sure you have enough time to shortlist and interview several interior design firms and contractors. This will give you a chance to obtain a good comparison of costs, expertise and design styles. Insist on their track record including professional education, skills training, licenses, and credentials. Ask a few references as well. Don’t rush, keep calm and your intuition will tell you whether you’re dealing with a real professional.

Scope of renovation

Are you planning for a full renovation? Or a minimal touchup will do? Are you interfering with existing structures? This reality will give the contractor an idea of how to advise you regarding accessibility and budget.

What are you looking to create for each area?

Each room in a home has a different feeling that borrows on its intention. For instance, mom and dad’s room should center entirely on comfort, peace, and relaxation. So, most people will select relaxing colours, lovely accessories and a peaceful lighting scheme. On the other hand, a kid’s room might need safety features, fun-filled wall colours and spaces for play or study.

What is your budget?

It’s time to face some cold hard facts. And talk money. Discussing the final terms of a renovation project with a contractor in Singapore can be tedious, exasperating and stressful. Especially when you’re presented with a muddied and confusing list of materials and services. But you get a chance to know what you can afford and what you can’t.

The project timeframe

Always make a point to place a time stipulation. Don’t let the contractor dictate all the terms. Input your parameters as regards the project’s timeline. Sorry to say this, but some contractors, when unsupervised, can drag on for weeks (and months!). Make sure you communicate a specific time target.