Finding the Perfect Color Theme for Your Home


Finding the perfect color theme for the home is a challenge to many homeowners in Singapore. In fact, many people simply take what their contractor, designer or friend suggest or blindly choose a design or theme. Sadly, it doesn’t take long for them to start detesting their living environment, and considering that many of us find solace at home, some will go a step further and undertake a complete remodeling or makeover incurring more costs. Identifying the ideal color theme for the home walls entails the following:

Creating the Perfect Ambiance

Although we tend to pay more attention to areas such as living and bedrooms, it is important not to neglect the smaller spaces like the bathrooms. The color of the bathroom walls add to the ambiance which can make your bath a more relaxing one. Cool colors such as blue or green are more soothing compared to warm colors like red or orange. Colors can energize you as you prepare to start the day, or calm you for a restful night. To make the best choice the first time, it helps to engage a professional renovation contractor in Singapore.

Understanding the Trends

A look at color themes in South East Asia and other parts of the world reveals that new painting techniques and trends are always cropping up. What may have been the top pick a few months or weeks ago may be overtaken by a latest trend. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t able to keep tabs on the latest trends and some will still be drawn to archaic or obsolete ideas. You should first research the trends and understand your options (and costs). A reputable and experienced renovation contractor will be able to guide you when selecting your color themes and choices.

Knowing your Desires

Before undertaking a makeover or renovation, you need to fully understand your individual preferences. Do you prefer contemporary or conventional designs? Are you drawn more to warm or cool colors? And would you rather the vintage look like Edwardian, Victorian or prefer the newly-discovered styles? Understanding these and more ensures you get the color theme that matches your personal taste and preference.


Choosing the right color theme isn’t as difficult as you think. What you deserve is a reputable contractor in Singapore who is not only experienced and reputable but also offers a wide array of designs and color theme ideas. In addition to getting the best wall color themes, working with a trustworthy and qualified renovation contractor brings peace-of-mind.