Asian-Inspired Bathroom Interior Design

Typically, a bathroom is a place where we come to relax and have some alone time. In our world full of rush and deadlines – it is very important to have that tranquil sanctuary. That is why it is so important to choose the interior design and the decoration of your bathroom carefully.

bathroom design


It is a well- known fact that if you are looking for some interior design full of comfort and peacefulness – you should search for some inspiration in the Asian culture. Maybe even try to create your personal zen design.

As the layout and storage in an Asian styled interior are usually kept pretty simple, try focusing on the materials. Don’t be afraid to use wood not only in the bedroom or dining area but also in your bathroom.

A specialist can provide you with the pieces that will not get damaged by water, heat and steam. Stone is also a great option when it comes to the choice of materials. When it comes to creating a chilled, zen environment – the more natural the materials look, the better. Such solutions are the main characteristics of a South-East Asian bathroom design.

Accessorising your bathroom with a few unique touches – that is where your imagination can go wild. As relaxed as a zen inspired bathroom design may look – it is the intricate details in their culture Asians are really proud about.

The range of different small, but very important bathroom touches, is practically endless.

Shower heads, faucets, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and even wastebaskets can give your bathroom a coolly finishing touch.

While it is too hard not to get lost in the variety of options out there – try first finding an inspirational idea and only then start the ultimate search.

A blooming sakura image in your head can make you add some pink colours into the bathroom interior. That can be a very tender touch.

Maybe you will find your muse in the light of some Chinese lanterns? Add rice paper based sidings and a bit of red light to make the bathroom interior more intimate.

But if you want to go the extra mile – why not get new ideas from Asia’s modern architecture? The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore – are the inspiration in pure form! A gigantic park of natural super-trees and the artificial vertical gardens. Can you possibly imagine a better nature-architecture symbiosis? That is pretty impressive already. But wait til it gets dark…

I’m sure you’ve already got a few new ideas for your bathroom interior design. And you are very welcome!